Our Story

Noelle's Candle Company started from our founder, Noelle, having a deep love for creating. Having a background in theatre, Noelle has done everything under the sun in creating theatrical productions - acting, directing, designing, and her favorite aspect, running a high school theatre program. This has spanned into many other DIY/crafting interests, from as simple and sweet as making annual Christmas ornaments to designing and constructing elaborate scenic designs that rotate on stage. Trigonometry does in fact come in handy after high school! 

Creating and designing candles has long been an outlet of exploration and excitement for our founder, and so she decided to take it a step further a create a small business utilizing her ability to tell a story....only now through fragrance! 

Noelle's Candle Company's first collection, the "Theatre Collection", will be the first of many that has specially curated scents finding the essence of a moment, a type of personality, or skill set of our favorite people, artists! Art is our passion, and no matter how you create it, we want to spice up the air around you with complimentary and well-thought out fragrances. 

Above all else, we are dedicated to creating inspiring scents for inspiring people.